Scion 436 GC

Scion GCs provide the ultimate capability for today’s analytical laboratory. The ultimate in GC platforms can be configured to handle virtually any GC analysis from the most basic single injector/detector to the most complex multi-valve/multi-column custom analyzers. A new platform designed to deliver top performance today and inspire further developments tomorrow.

The 436 is the perfect GC for many applications that saves space without compromising functionality and performance. Capacity for two injectors, one GC detector, and a large oven supports two standard capillary columns.


Scion 456 GC

A GC with more functionality and room to upgrade, supporting three-injector and three detector positions, with full independent access.  No other GC system provides this capability.  This platform also provides the basis for over 50 different configured analyzers for petroleum, petrochemical, and specialty gas applications.